Buying work from this site; prices and payment


Prices: small pictures labelled "pochades" or "postcards".

The small paintings here are (labelled "pochades")  cost 100 UK pounds or other currency equivalent.

Bulk purchase discounts: pochades
If you buy more than three items I will discount the overall price by 25%. 

Postage, packing and handling costs

Postage and packing/handling is 15 pounds  for up to 4 items (up to three weeks delivery time), or 30 pounds for fast (Sedex) delivery (up to ten days delivery time). 

Prices: monotypes

The prices of Monotypes are 163  US Dollars- or current Brazillian, Euro or Sterling equivalent (as I write, 168 US Dollars Reals converts to 100 GB pounds).

This price does not include postage and packing/handling which usually comes to about 40 Brazillian Reals for up to 3 items (approxomately another 35 US Dollars).

Prices: other paintings

Please contact me directly for prices as these vary too greatly to provide a general guide.

Please contact me about specific works for prices. The works range in price from 120 to 750 pounds sterling or other currency equivalent. Please contact me for prices for particular works.

Talk to me online, or by phone

If you want to talk to me online add me on MSM Hotmail or Skype and we can talk:

My phone number is: 0055 48 9967 3041


Payment is by Paypal, cheque or SWIFT or direct transfer from a UK or Brazillian Bank.

Saachi  Online Sales

A small selection of paintings are for sale on this site. They can also be purchased directly from me.